List of Casinos in Macau

What was once regarded as just a copycat of the Vegas Strip has now surpassed the famous gaming mecca to become the world’s most lucrative gambling destination. Home to over 40 sparkling casinos today, Macau offers unmatched betting action and amenities galore.

Since 2006, the small region of Macau has smashed Las Vegas records by generating up to 5 times more in annual gaming revenues. Proof that Macau has earned its reputation as the planet’s premiere gambling capital.

Visitors to Macau’s casinos bet an average of $1,354 per trip, dwarfing the $156 average in Vegas. Experts attribute this high spending to China’s expanding middle class and their zeal for gambling.

With dozens of flamboyant new casinos to explore, luck abounds in Macau. We’ll highlight the top properties that give you the best shot at fortune.

While compact in size, Macau thinks big when it comes to casinos. The gargantuan Venetian Macau, modeled after its sister Vegas resort, reigns as the world’s largest gaming facility at over 376,000 square feet. With 640 tables and 1,760 slots, opportunities to win are endless.

Beyond gaming, the Venetian Macau tempts guests with 3,000 lavish suites, 30+ restaurants, 4 shimmering pools, 330+ shops, and an 18-hole rooftop golf course.

We’ll keep you updated on new Macau casinos so you can plan the ultimate betting adventure. With our insider tips, try your hand at Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps and more for a chance at life-changing jackpots.

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Grand Lisboa

Towering over Macau’s glittering skyline, the flamboyant Grand Lisboa reflects the city’s over-the-top casino culture. Shaped like a golden lotus flower, the 856-foot tall Grand Lisboa shoots beams of light nightly to announce its presence as a temple of betting.

Inside this attention-grabbing icon, the casino impresses as well. Grand Lisboa dazzles guests with over 230 gaming tables and 880 slot machines standing ready for action. Take your pick from baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, roulette, Sic Bo, 3 card baccarat and more. Bets range from a minimum of HK$300 up to a staggering HK$5 million.

Beyond the tables, Grand Lisboa houses 430 splendid guest rooms and suites. Gourmands flock to the resort’s cluster of restaurants, including three Michelin-starred Robuchon au Dome and The Eight, which fuse European and Chinese cuisines. Nightly entertainment, a pool and spa round out the amenities.

With its prime location, towering golden facade and exceptional dining and gaming, Grand Lisboa plants its flag as a top contender amid Macau’s crowded casino skyline. Lady Luck stands ready at every corner of this lotus-shaped betting palace.